Grieving / Bereavement

Nearly all of us will at some time in our lives suffer at least one bereavement.  Very few of us will escape the experience of the death of a loved one – spouse, parnter, child, parent, relative, friend or pet.  Death and the experience of bereavement are universal.

Although death is such a constant feature of our lives, we often deny its very existence.  Even today, death remains a taboo subject rarely talked about, even in the closest circles.  Perhaps this is because we do not want to tempt fate and, by facing up to other people’s deaths, and other people’s bereavements, we are reminded of our own mortality.

It is not surprising then that often the bereaved will report a feeling of isolation in their grief and may also feel guilty about the way they feel.  Friends and relatives will either ignore their grief or attempt to jolly them out of it.  They may even try to minimise the loss by examining the age, or recent ill health, of the deceased.

Thanks to the work of Elisabeth Kübler-Ross and others we now understand that there is a grieving process (recognisable stages that we pass through) and this takes time.  I use Counselling skills as well as hypnotherapy or hypno-analysis, when I work with bereavement. Please don’t suffer in silence and don’t let this last for years and years, which many people do…

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