OCD interferes with people’s natural ability to flow happily with life.  I believe that a mixture of counselling and hypnotherapy (probably hypno-analysis) can be most beneficial to a sufferer.

Irrational thoughts are often allowed to get the better of us so that we end up “believing our own story.”  For example, if I think that the door is unlocked (even though I’ve checked it), I will go back and check it again (and again and again).  This is because I have “bought into” the thought.

Learning to watch thoughts come and go, and know that we do not need to attach to them, can help to bring about a healing.

It may be that insecurity keeps us repeating the same thoughts and behaviours, as if we might find some security in “the known” but coming to realise, without anxiety, that everything in the universe is uncertain and in a constant state of flux, can also help bring about a break-through in this very difficult and debilitating condition.


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