Having suffered panic attacks myself and been helped enormously through experiencing hypno-analysis, this is usually the way I work with other sufferers, though sometimes the symptoms can be dramatically improved after only two sessions of “suggestion therapy.”

Suggestion therapy works by relaxing someone into a state of hypnosis then making positive suggestions and removing the anxiety which has built up in the unconscious mind.  Our unconscious mind is the part that tends to make us operate automatically and it tries to protect us/help us survive.  Unfortunately the methods it uses are often unhelpful and result in panic.  Suggestion therapy replaces the negative spiral that occurs so that there are only positive thoughts left in place.  For example, a recent client of mine had a fear of being a passenger in a car.  Every time she took a journey she would have a panic attack.  One of the things that bothered her was seeing the brake light of the car in front.  She associated this with fear and danger and therefore began to panic.

There was quite a simple way to fix this!  In a state of deep relaxation, the mind is receptive to suggestion and I told her that it was a really good thing that she noticed the red brake light because it was there as a very helpful warning to the driver to keep his/her distance from the car in front and that every time, in the future, when she sees a red light, she can breathe a sigh of relief because she will know that it is keeping everyone safe!

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