Stop smoking NOW!

This is a speciality area for me and I have close to 100% success, though this depends largely on a person’s motivation at the outset.  For example, they must be coming for themselves and not for the benefit of someone else.  I offer a one-off session (can last up to 2 hours) and, on request, I will also give you a free cd/mp3 to reinforce our session. My normal fee is £129 but check right-hand side of this page  to see if I’m running a special offer.

The session is in three parts.  Part one goes into detail about all the dangers of smoking and includes many facts that people seem to be unaware of.

Part two concentrates on all the benefits of giving up.

The final part is the hypnosis, which reinforces all that has been said and also makes it much easier for someone to manage the process. Often there is something which has been said in Part one or Part two of the session that already made an important shift in a client’s relationship to smoking.

You might find this article helpful, if you click on the link:

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