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Take the test now to discover what type of personality you have – simply answer the following twelve questions by dragging the sliders to the left or right (it’s on a scale of ten!).

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Q1: How determined/dogmatic are you?

Q2: How easy is it for you to “speak your mind”?

Q3: How shrewd/cynical are you?

Q4: How argumentative can you be?

Q5: How adaptable/indecisive can you be?

Q6: How much do you try to be liked?

Q7: How reliable/over-trusting can you be?

Q8: How easygoing are you?

Q9: How inspiring/over-dramatic can you be?

Q10: How easily can you shrug off or ignore criticism?

Q11: How spontaneous/impulsive can you be?

Q12: How impatient can you be?

Your personality type



Personality type A

Forceful: Can always make their presence felt

Resolute: High levels of tenacity and determination

Organisational: Able to plan well and bring those plans to fruition

Achilles heel: They need to always be in control


This personality type has a reputation for firmness and a no-nonsense attitude to life.  Psychologically stronger than either the Type B or C, they find no difficulty in taking charge of things, and they easily win the respect of others.  They are cautious yet quick thinkers who are unsurpassed at finding and exploiting the flaw in any argument.  On the negative side, there can sometimes be a problem with cynicism and jealousy, and there is not the immediately friendly response generally found in the Personality type B.  Indeed, when a question is put to a Type A, there will sometimes be a significant pause before they answer, and the answer will often be carefully phrased in such a way to leave as many options open as possible. Once I was a guest in the house of a Type A and I made the mistake of sitting on the chair that they normally sit on…!

Personality type B

Sociable: Gets on well with almost anybody

Intuitive: A high level of instinct and general awareness

Adaptable: Able to make the best of any situation

Achilles heel: The need to be liked


Personality type B, being able to fit in with almost any situation, is necessarily a kind of psychological chameleon. The most obvious traits are a pleasant and responsive attitude to others but, interestingly, they do sometimes have a tendency towards mood swings, changing from happy to miserable – or the other way round – at the slightest provocations, the smallest event.  Another trait that can catch others unaware is a marked tendency to an “all or nothing” response on occasions, in which if they cannot have absolutely what they want, they will simply refuse to have any part of it at all and will “cut off their nose to spite their face.”  This is usually noticeable when they are unhappy about something but are too nice to say so outright.  However, as excellent talkers and communicators, B types are unrivalled when it comes to having an instinctive grasp of all that is going on around them.  They are quite reliable and come over as “nice” people, which they usually are.

Personality type C

Restless: Must always have something going on

Charismatic: Naturally outgoing

Evidential: “What you see is what you get”

Achilles heel: The need for constant stimulation

The Personality type C, in its purest form, tends towards extremes in many things.  Personality C types enjoy life to the full and can give much pleasure to a great many people along the way – except for the occasions when they get carried away with frivolity and excitement.  These are the times when they love to shock others with loud and embarrassing behaviour, and act amazed when someone complains about their excesses.  This exuberance tends to show itself quite often and can be quite exhausting and tiresome for their companions.  Most of the time, though, this personality is tempered by more sensible traits from the other two groups, often resulting in an individual who can uplift others with their irrepressible sense of fun and enthusiasm.

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