The Management of Change

At present, most clients are coming for issues around anxiety or stress. It seems that most of us are living our lives as adrenalin junkies, deriving our energy from whatever the next “buzz” or “fix” is: alcohol, an argument, a cigarette, a job that has to be attended to immediately, a failed plan, a relationship difficulty… anything, in fact, that helps divert us from the possible peace of the present moment – a state of always trying to arrive somewhere or trying to become something or trying to change something. Indeed there probably is a change that needs to take place but one that can only be arrived at successfully from a state of calm reflection. The anxiety or stress itself is a message that change needs to occur. The management of change is an important part of our lives because we all know that the only thing that is certain is that things will change…

We are led to believe that a certain amount of stress is “good for us.” But what if there is another way? A way of still being focused and still having great reserves of energy: coming from a deeply relaxed part of ourselves – a part that has no interest in being caught up in the ego battles (sometimes with ourselves) that often precede or perpetuate stressful situations.

Meditation and self-hypnosis are proven ways to alleviate stress – a chance to build a practice of leading a more relaxed life so that you get to see that most of the things that you thought were so urgent are simply not at all… Also we develop the ability to be with ourselves more, to not be “on the run” but to be able to sit with our feelings, even if they are uncomfortable, so that we can understand their true nature and watch them come and go, like night and day – and know that we are not going to be overwhelmed by them. On the contrary, they may have something very important to say to us – if we can be still enough to hear.
There’s a simple technique available here:

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