Update for Dad

Today you came in the form of a lovely, red admiral in the garden. Here’s my communication back…

Quite a lot’s changed since you departed in 1981 and quite a lot’s the same.


We have this thing called Internet now.  It’s really quite amazing if you don’t let it stop you having actual face-to-face conversations and travelling to real places!  Also, people are on their mobile phones all the time, often connecting to this Internet.  That’s fine too except that it’s often done mindlessly, seemingly to fill any spaces that might otherwise occur.  I’m not sure if people are so uncomfortable with how they might feel that they immediately distract themselves or whether they’re peer-led (or both) but it could bring about a whole generation of children that are deprived because of technology-driven parents!


If you saw some of these people, walking, jogging, pushing prams or cycling, you’d think they were mad for talking to themselves but actually they’re speaking to someone (wirelessly via something called Bluetooth), on applications such as Facetime, Skype or MSN (or many others).


There are some positive medical advances since you died though not much has shifted in education (and it really needs to move with the times).  You see it’s so much easier for children to be independent learners nowadays, and follow their true passions, but this has not been taken into account…


The rich are still getting richer and the poor are still getting poorer, of course; the Israelis and Palestinians are still bombing each other and many other wars are happening around the planet.


China’s a superpower now and is buying up land and businesses all over the globe and terrorism is still around, in fact it’s growing and becoming more and more sinister. I think we may even have a massive split on the planet one day, a bit like the Cold War that you will remember but with different Superpowers involved…


But people are still people of course, with their cycle of sorrow and joy.  You personally would be happy to see two more wonderful grandchildren and two great grandchildren.  You live on through them, as you once wrote in this wonderful poem:


I am young

Your body is a map of love


Navigating for virgin territory

There will I sow my seed

Into posterity

Then I’ll live on


Our first seed

After doting care

Did die

But confidence in prayer

Shall see the chosen one arrive

No longer needing to cry

Eyes permitted to stay dry


I’m old

God let me glimpse your greatest prize

Then I’ll live on…

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