What is hypnotherapy?

January 26, 2021

Success through change

I’m Daniel Fishel and welcome to my Hypnotherapy website.

If you have an emotional or psychological issue, a habit you can’t break, or just want to learn to relax and feel better about yourself, hypnotherapy can help you make the desired changes.

Hypnotherapy is so powerful because it deals with your mind.
  It’s your mind that’s responsible for your thoughts,
 your habits, your attitudes and your beliefs.

Change your mind and you can do just about anything.

For a free initial consultation please contact me in order to arrange a mutually convenient time.

About hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a safe and gentle process that relaxes your mind as well as your body.

The worst thing that can happen is that you might fall asleep!

Hypnotherapy connects us with our unconscious mind

Our unconscious minds listen continually in the background to the stories we all tell ourselves. We tend to be unaware of this, but

it is behind the veil, in the depths of our own unconscious minds, that the power to rewrite our own life script can be found. We are continually telling ourselves stories about

ourselves, about our ability or inability to achieve love, success, health and happiness. By restoring an open and positive dialogue with our unconscious minds, many issues and challenges in our lives can be permanently overcome.

Change through hypnosis

Hypnotherapy is one of the most powerful tools there is to help individuals make dramatic life changes. Through the process of relaxation, the mental gatekeeper of our conscious mind can be quietened, allowing the voice of our own subconscious to be heard. Under hypnosis, the unconscious mind can more readily accept suggestions that are for the benefit of the whole individual.  Hence the potential for hypnotherapy to have a dramatic and positive bearing on how we move forward in our lives.

Hypnotherapy restores control

The reality of Hypnotherapy is the polar opposite of the impression many people take away from hypnosis stage show entertainment. Far from taking away control, hypnosis actually gives the client greater control. By achieving a level of mental quietness rarely found in our busy world, Hypnotherapy can bring us back into rapport with our unconscious minds to create beneficial change.


Hypno-analysis has been called “the cream of therapies” because it doesn’t only deal with the presenting problem but has the happy knack of resolving many issues all at the same time. It has its roots in the “free association” technique developed by Freud. It is necessary to see a client for several sessions so that a full picture of their life (and particularly their childhood) can be understood. The whole process is client-led. I only act as a guide to help you work through your own processes, which may result in a cathartic experience or experiences (“abreaction”).

If you have any more questions then please contact me.

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